About Nikki

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Nikki switched careers to become a full-time artist and web designer in 2020. Previously she worked in the field of social sciences but left to pursue her dream of owning her own business. Nikki is currently enrolled at Montgomery College and plans to graduate with her Associate’s degree in Digital Media and Web Technology in 2024.


She is best known for her mixed media art projects creating landscapes using a wide range of items (e.g., flowers, clay, glass, etc.). Nikki also enjoys creating collages, painting watercolors and painting with nail polish. She lives in Frederick, MD.

About Robin

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Robin’s craft making passion for the past 30 years has been paper crafting: creating scrapbooks, art journals, junk journals and cards using collage, stamps, dies, painting, coloring and mixed media. Robin lives near Phoenix, AZ.

About the Name - Infinite Artistree

The inspiration for “infinite” came from Nikki’s signature on her paintings. She signs her paintings with an infinity symbol and several small shapes surrounding it. Nikki’s love of trees inspired the play on words with “artistree.”